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Owned By: Bryan Taylor, SC
Last fall he did extremely well especially considering how little hunting he actually
done. He hunted one weekend at 6 mo., missed all of the following season at 1 ½ yrs,
this past fall (age 2.5 yrs) we got out one weekend in Idaho, an extended weekend in
Oregon. First day in Idaho we had 4 hunters and 3 dogs. We got 3 roosters and 10-15
hens. Luke pointed and retrieved one of the roosters and retrieved the other two. One
was a beautiful retrieve where the rooster went down winged into the Bear River and
the Weimaraner didn't get on it but Luke got on it fast considering it turned out to be a
really long water retrieve as the water and bird were moving pretty good. Luke pointed
or flushed more than half the hens. The following day was just Luke and I. Luke was
even better without the other dog and hunter distractions, got one shot, one rooster
and about 10 hens up, one rooster got away as I went over a fence. The long weekend
in Oregon was 3 hunters and 3 dogs. Luke was even better, much better than I. I had
some unforgivable misses. We still got several roosters, some quail, and a few ducks.
My hunting friends were really impressed with how well Luke did regardless of limited
experience or not. Luke was easily the best retrieving and second on pointing and
flushing amongst the other dogs. If I had more time and more skill on training and
honing the pointing Luke would be awesome.
Aside and away from hunting Luke has been a great x-country and back country ski,
and hiking companion.  He has boundless energy, stamina and drive.  He runs fast,
jumps high, fights through the thickest cover and deepest snow with style. One friend
simply says,” Luke is the most athletic dog he has seen.”  He is high octane in the field
for hunt or play, but mellows out nicely in the house.  Shows great temperament with
my son.  So, yeah we are happy with him.

Owned By: Stephanie & John W.  Eagle Mt, UT
Update- 5/10/2010
Chris, Belle is wonderful with our family. We have had the usual training of don't jump,
gotten past the puppy biting, nipping, etc. which is usual puppy stuff, she is very good
natured -the other day Michael was using her as a pillow. She's got personality coming
out her ears and is just about as sweet as they come. She quickly found her way into
our hearts.
Her training is going quite well. She is very quick to pick up on new tasks, etc. She is in
the process of being whistle trained and is picking it up very quickly. She is the
brightest dog we have worked with.
Her Drive is Phenomenal. She has such a desire to please. She has pointed, she
listens, and is excited about what she is doing. We have had her out in the marsh,
however, she was only about 7 months old, but she
jumped out of the boat, went swimming and was excited to be out there. I think this upcoming duck season will be a
great year with her. From the beginning she crate trained easily, picked up sit, down, stay, heel, her name, etc.
extremely quickly.

Thanks for everything! We are so glad that we have her. She's awesome!!  Steph

Owned By: Mark Tate, Grantsville UT

Owned By: Paul Julander, NM
Paul and Ruger took 2nd place in their first Chukar shoot out, out of 25 teams. Ruger
was the youngest dog competing and 1 of only 3 labs in the event. The rest of the dogs
were GSP's.
Update- 12/14/2011

Hi Chris, I hope things are going good for you guys. I had a min so I thought I'd give you
an update on Tessa and how she is doing.
Its all good, she got her APLA Grand Master Title in Sept, I believe she is the only
Grand Master Titled dog in the state! All of the dogs I've had have been very good but
Tessa is the best, no question! She really put on a show at the test, had excellent
results both days on both the land and water tests, and the only dog to stick all 5 points
on both days on the upland test! I got a lot of compliments on her from everyone
attending including the judges, they were really impressed with what they saw. On the
Grand Master test I let her hunt the field all by herself, the only walking we did was
after she would go on point. The judges and everyone really thought that was
awesome. There is a 20 min time limit and Tessa was the only dog that didn't need all
20 min, she pointed and we had all 5 birds in the bag in about 8 1/2 minutes. Any way
I'm so proud of her, we have become an awesome team, she is so obedient and patient
more so than any dog I have ever known. Its been a great year for ducks this year, she
has well over 100 retrieves, and she's the designated go to dog on the tough or long
Tess is so versatile, she absolutely loves Pheasants, she covers an unbelievable
amount of ground while hunting both Pheasants and Chukars, and the good thing is,
nothing gets away!! She goes under water after ducks when they dive and I've
watched her track a winged Pheasant over a quarter mile to find it, hard to believe I
know! Every morning she fetches my socks, shoes (or boots) my watch, wallet and
my phone for me, she gets in the linen closet and gets a towel for me after I get out of
the shower, she knows how to open and close the doors in the house and puts the
garbage out for us. That’s just some of the things I have taught her plus a few tricks
and stuff.. and she loves to do them all. I tell everyone that she is one of the top 10 best
dogs in the world! well I would like to think so anyway.
I'm making a video of her hunting and doing some of the stuff mentioned above, it
should be pretty good.
Anyway, here are a few recent photo's of her..

Owned By: Chris S, CA
Myles and Danner at their JH test in California, both did great. Myles shows great
potential for higher training toward Field trials. Comes back as fast as he leaves. Good
job Chris.