Duckpup Breeders Pointing Labradors
Hip & Eye Guarantee

DUCKPUP'S must be part of the registered name and the pup must be
registered by 6 months of age or the guarantee is void.
Duckpup Breeders carry an OFA/CERF Guarantee. This covers hereditary
genetic disorders that prevent your Duckpup from being certified by
Owner must have the pups eyes examined by 6 months of age by a
Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist must state in
writing, with certainty, the defect is hereditary and not caused by injury or
any illness. Dogs checked after 6 months of age are not guaranteed.

Guarantee only covers original owner as long as the dog has been x-rayed
between 24 and 28 months and has not been bred. Dog must be certified
to be dysplastic by OFA or does not CERF with documented veterinarian
visits that show weight gain as to show the dog was not over fed or the
result of injury.

The dog will be replaced by another Duckpup Puppy provided:

- We have certification the dog has been spayed or neutered.
- A copy of the findings from OFA/CERF has been sent to us.
- Documentation of all regular veterinary visits including x-rays.
- Replacement will be another Duckpup Labrador of the same sex and
similar breeding.
- The owner will pay all transportation costs and will keep the original dog.

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Revised- 07/20/2010 CS