The First 8 weeks of a Duckpup's life.
All Duckpup's have Dewclaws removed at 3 to 4 days old with a full
veterinarian check for heart, respiratory and hernia. Pups will start
socializing at 2 weeks which continues until the pups go home.

3rd Week- pups start feeding one on one with gruel with bang sticks daily
to simulate gun fire during feeding and play time outside the whelping pen
in the home.

4th Week- the pups will start to go outside to the puppy run with wings,
live/dead birds and introduced to tools used for training along with
continued simulated gun fire. Walks and exploring time using wings and
cover to build confidence with gun fire daily and live/dead birds with water
introduction, weather and season permitting at the end of this week to the
beginning of the next.

5th Week- pups will transition from the whelping pen to the puppy barn
outside as they become more active needing more exercise while they
continue to be weened off their mother to puppy food. Their mother will
start to have limited contact during the day allowing her to stay with them
at nights. Gradually reducing night time contact until weened completely
in the 6th week. More of the same, toys, walks, feeding as a group at this
point when their drive is surfacing more. Simulated gun fire is still used
along with the introduction of dead ducks/pheasants.

6th Week- pups receive their first round of vet recommended shots with
de-wormer, heart guard, micro chipped and have a full veterinarian check
again. Pups are no longer allowed to be with the mother day/night and will
be weened by the 7th week making it easier for the transition in their new
home. Pups will be introduced to live birds at this time, Quail or chicks are
used to see more of the instincts and drive surfacing. Pups are fed one on
one at this time again for good eating habits as they will start to go home
in the next week and to make sure they are eating the proper amounts of

7th Week- pups can start to go home if I feel they are able and the
microchip has not backed out. Pups are also introduced to early training
for biting, barking and good eating habits in the home with one on one
feedings continued. Pups by now are playing hard and have been
introduced to all types of situations and objects to help them with early
development. Enjoy your Duckpup, train and watch your pup turn into a
great hunting partner and family pet.