Duckpup Breeders Started Pup/Beginning Hunt Training    
1. Started Pups- Will have obedience training and introduction to hunt training
only. Started pups have not been hunted over during a regular hunting

- Obedience Training begins at 16 weeks @ $400.00/mo.
House training (with crate), food obedience, house manners, come, here, sit/stay,
leave-it, heel, releasing by name. Introduction to dead/live bird retrieving using  
retrieving commands.

*Occasionally we have Started Pups for sale. Contact us for availability and
2. Beginning Hunt Trained Pups- Will have Started Pup training.

- Hunt training begins around 5-6 months @ $400.00/mo.
Continued obedience, retrieve to hand, heavy cover retrieving, water
retrieves, casting, multiple retrieves with dead/live birds and bumpers, field work
in different hunting conditions and situations with dead/live birds and shot over.
At this point, the instincts of the dog should be apparent in the field. The dog will
need to continue hunting for experience.

*Experience is the goal of this training, to expose the dog to as many different
hunting situations as possible.

**Contact us with any questions or for more information.
Openings are limited, call with any questions and for openings.

Take them hunting, without experience they will not learn.
Call / e-mail Chris at:
(435) 695-3043 or
***All pups need to have gone through all their puppy shots. 16 weeks minimum
is when our pups receive their last set of shots, rabies etc. Check with your vet
when or how they administer puppy shots. They need time to be vaccinated and
build up their own immune system. No dogs are aloud to enter the training area
or come onto the property until this is done. This protects your pup and our dogs.

Bond with your pup the first few weeks, walks in fields through different cover,
terrain, obstacles, build confidence and begin your bond as a hunting team.
Along with the basics, name, crate and short retrieves.
**No charge on the first session, just an evaluation of your pup to see his/her

One on one sessions are
$20.00/hr. 1 hour minimum paid at the end of each
We will not be taking on any new trainers.  Check here for openings for 2020.

Call Chris at (435) 695-3043. Thank you