November 11, 2015

This would be Mudd's first limit.  She did great with birds coming from
every direction this evening.  Very still, only needing help with one of
the birds that was shot in a double.  Even with the cold, she didn't
want to wear the vest as usual. But, that didn't stop her from playing
in the ice cold water a few times on the way back with a bird in her
December 2015

Even Poppy got some time in the field before having a litter of 10
pups.  December was cold, breaking ice and freezing mud would not
keep her from birds.  She is a pleasure to hunt with, just like her
Grandmother Pepper Ann.
November 14, 2013

Swaggers first retrieve in the field.  He's a true gentleman's dog in the
field or home.  His desire to please shows in the field at such a young
age.  Very calm in the blind, pays attention even when waiting for just
one bird to retrieve.  The only time he showed any youthful age, was
crossing the water to the blind.  He loves water!  Think he was just
waiting to get back in after his first retrieve.  He's going to be fun as
he matures and gains more experience in the field.
November 11, 2014

Poppy and I finally are back in the field together. We would be done in
just under 2 hours with a limit. 20 min after setting up the first three
mallards in the blind. POP..POP...POP hitting the third bird. Putting
another shell in as the bird swung around the back, POP and he was
coming down.  Ten minutes later, POP..POP and 2 more green heads.
It took me an hour to drop the next 2 birds.  Excellent night
December 16, 2016

Will got his first day out waiting for ducks.  Was a very cold day into
the evening when it was down right nasty cold.  He hung in there
though and got to do some work from the cart into the decoys with
some retrieving and into other cover while we waited.  Little did I
know he would be in surgery a few days later from eating rocks.
Thirteen!!  That was the end of his season.  He's doing well
now and learning fast.
December 10, 2016 - (Other pheasant hunts)

We were able to get in some great pheasant hunting this year.  Even
hunting in Montana for pheasants for the first time when we dropped
off a new friends pup.  We had a blast, Ed and Poppy especially had a
blast, with Poppy crawling on ice to push birds out of the folded reeds
in the ice.  She lost a lot of skin, including part of a nipple.  Bleeding
and soar, she just kept at it.  And, we got to hunt with a couple other
Duckpup's this year!  Ares, Avery, Cooper all did excellent on their
first hunts.
November 24, 2016 - November 28, 2016

November was the month for big ducks.  Ed is getting older now, with
the white creeping in on his face he sure doesn't show the age in the
field.  Always watching, always ready and eager.  Even though we
didn't shoot very many ducks for him to retrieve, he had some great
doubles this season.  The pins were just that, one in the decoys,
while the other dropped into some taller grass he casted with ease
and began to hunt when crossing scent.  Didn't take him long.
October 10, 2016 - December 12, 2016

This would be Mini's first season.  She was not able to go the
previous season due to a head injury.  Took almost 5 months for
recovery to walk correctly and return to normal training.  She's a very
attentive girl, always watching for birds.  Unfortunately we were
unable to get birds for her to retrieve.  She is ready for the 2017
season that's for sure.