Pepper, had a natural SOLID point, very birdie,
missing the end of the 05 season to an injury that
only 20% of muscle in her left hind leg, along with
only 20% of muscle in her left hind leg, along with
an injury she sustained during training which left
her with a dislocated shoulder from the age of 3.
Her injuries only slowed her down for a short time.

Pepper was an accomplished hunter, hunting both
upland and waterfowl, passing her abilities, traits
and drive onto future generations.  When she was
around, all the dogs stepped it up a notch, even
dogs that did not know her. She had that presence
about her.

Pepper and I hunted together for our last hunts
this season in October 2012.
A true working retriever and great hunting
Her desire to hunt exceeded my expectations,
what an honor to hunt with.  Thank you Pepper.
Till we meet again.
Duckpup's Pepper Ann XIII      
DOB- 9/25/00-1/30/13

Weight- 60lbs.

AKC- SN784963/01

EIC- Clear

Welcome to the Girls of Duckpup Breeders Pointing Labradors
Duckpup's Pepper's Brown Sugar
DOB- 5/7/05-10/13/16

Weight- 56lbs.

AKC- SR27225201

POINT . SHOOT . RETRIEVE .          
POINT . SHOOT . RETRIEVE .            
Sugar produced some of the best hunting and
pointing offspring around the country.  She was
small, tested me daily, teaching me patience when
training.  Her drive pushed me to keep up, to be
firm, steady and patient during training. Always
eager, forgiving and especially patient with me.

Very competitive with her mother Pepper.  Even in
the field they pushed harder to retrieve ducks
faster than the other or search and destroy
missions on running wild pheasants.  Small stocky
stature, excellent physical ability, staunch
NATURAL point and excellent nose.  Sugar was
always willing.

Sugar was the fastest lab around, clocked at
41mph, and if you wanted her to go faster all you
had to say was, let's go!  She would pull away from
the 4 wheeler making it look easy.  She passed this
trait onto Poppy, whom we never clocked
but know is faster.

A pheasant seeking machine, but, in the muck
showed her talent and ability to adapt. She, like
Pepper was always on task. Pay attention to the
dog, cause her size was deceiving to her abilities.

Sugar retired from breeding summer of 2014.
Sugar was injury free until 2013 and 2014 slipping
on ice which injured her left hip. The following
year the same accident happened injuring her
right hip.  After the last injury, Sugar still hunted
occasionally and while she was in pain, she just
wanted to please doing what she loved. Chasing
and retrieving birds.  She finished her work here
by helping to raise pups with her playful spirit.
All the pups loved Sugar!
Till we meet again.
Foundation Female for Duckpup Breeders, solid natural pointing lab with crazy bird drive, tireless training
and retrieving attitude. When it comes to birds and hunting, keep up or move on, Pepper's love for hunting
was unmatched. The Duckpup name came from her desire as a pup. At 4 months old in the middle of winter
in January, Pepper was retrieving ducks at a very young age and the severe conditions did not bother her,
she was hunting. I was picking up decoys and looked back to the bank to check on her. She was covered
from head to toe with thousands of frozen droplets of water. From an early age Pepper did everything at full
speed with every ounce of her being. Duckpup came from her desire to hunt ducks. If you were lucky to
have hunted with her, then you experienced what great hunting labs are all about.
What a hunting partner!
** Sugar produced Duckpup's Sugar's Honey Butter,
who would go onto produce the first GMPR in Utah.